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Kirk Rising
COGOP International
Youth Ministries

Kirk Rising serves as International Youth Director for the Church of God of Prophecy. In his 28-year ministry, he has served as state youth director of Hawaii and North Carolina. He has served as a youth pastor and as a missionary to the countries of Germany and French Polynesia (Tahiti) in the South Pacific.  


Kirk studied business administration at the University of South Carolina. His business career includes being the owner of High Rise Sports and serving as head coach of French Polynesia, Olympic-qualifying basketball program in Tahiti.  



Emanuel De Jesús
Revive Us Ministries

Emanuel De Jesus was born in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Trumbull Connecticut where his parents, Pastors Daniel and Brenda De Jesus are the senior pastors of the Church of God of Prophecy Bridgeport CT. He Currently serves under his father as assistant pastor and as well as the host and founder of Revive Us Ministries, a multicultural ministry that holds an annual event where many gather to be empowered by the power of God. Emanuel is currently a senior at The University of Connecticut where he is majoring in Political Science. 


For the past 13 years, Emanuel has been preaching the gospel around the country, breaking the barriers between generations and races in the church. His heart is first and foremost to serve and has done so in a myriad of capacities. Emanuel has always been energetic and passionate for the work of the Lord, tenaciously advancing forward, confident that he will succeed through Christ. He always says; “No matter the struggle you will have to go through, you will always triumph at the end”.



Edgar J. Cruz
Movimiento Misionero Ebenezer

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Edgar J. Cruz is the son of Christian parents and is the youngest of three brothers. From his childhood, his father took pains to teach him the truths written in the Word of God. At the young age of 7 years, he was able to experience the love of God in his life, and he gives his heart to the Lord. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit and since he was 9 years old the Lord calls his servant to consecrate him in the Ministry of Praise and Worship and Preaching. He began to work as a leader in the Church and held various offices including Children's President, Youth President, Children's Teacher, Youth Teacher, Assistant Superintendent of Bible School until he became a Worker of the Council of the Missionary Churches of Christ. After finishing his 4 years of Biblical Institute, Edgar continued with his University career obtaining a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling, and a Master's Degree in School Counseling.



Michelle Allen
COGOP English Northeast

Michelle is a young minister who lives to inspire, motivate, and awaken this generation to be ALL God has called them to be! She is led by the strength of purpose to see others rise out of the ashes of defeat, despair, and discouragement into a victorious life ignited by the powerful Word of God. Michelle speaks words of hope and life, drawn from the Bible and her personal testimony in a way that is understandable and transforming.


When Michelle is not preaching the word of God she is mentoring and developing teachers in the Early Childhood Field so that they can pour into the next generations. Her approach to minister is outside of the four walls of the church and into the community.



Jessica Castillo
CEO - Ganando tu Primer Millón

Jessica was born in the Dominican Republic and is of Afro-Latin descent. She is married to Emilio King Green, from whom, thank God, she receives all the support, courage, and unconditional love that every woman could wish for. I define myself as a very passionate woman and a believer in God.


One day she fell to the floor crying, I cried so much that my tears literally dried up. Can you imagine crying to the point of not even seeing or feeling tears come out of your eyes? But at that moment something happened, She looked up at the sky and said: "God, today I decide that my life is going to change. It will be the last time in my entire existence that I will be in this situation, today my life is going to change". From that moment she made the promise that never in her life would she be in need BECAUSE "I AM A DAUGHTER OF GOD"! and I deserve the best in this world. She bent her knees and prayed to her God, who can do everything. At that very moment, she felt peace and fell asleep. From the moment she declared and assumed her position as a daughter of God, everything changed in her life. Jessica began to see life totally different, a force came out of her to fight, fight and never stop. Her life totally changed, her life turned 180 degrees. Always remember what does not kill you makes you stronger and God for his love and his grace gave me the strength to fight and be able to progress and have financial freedom for herself and her family.